Monday Video Twofer: Joel & Cindy

Two video moments to pass along from this weekend, one a little out of the ordinary. If you weren't at the 11am Sunday service, you might not have seen the first one. Joel starts in on his prayer during praise & worshipm as always. But apparently, he knew this would be his final 2007 prayer offered over us at Lakewood. Every week - usually twice - we're told that 2007 will be our best year yet. Here's hoping that's been the case.

Second up is a more standard clip for me - the special. Obviously, it's Christmas time. But the band added a nice touch to this number with some additional percussionists. Enjoy.

I'm a bit slammed for time at the day job. But I should point out that there was seen a new guitar being put to work by Michael Hodge. Maybe it just raised my awareness of a pretty nice tone coming from it throughout.

Elsewhere, the Koinonia-ers are having the annual Christmas shindig on the 20th at the Rennaisance Hotel. Afterwards - as in days afterwards - there's a New Year's event slated for our standard hangout. I'll be AWOL from the first, but looking forward to the latter. Ryan Bell will be performing. Plus, the gig is a shared one with Koinonia and the Career 30's group intermingling. So no age-related excuses for attending, and there's not much of a better way to spend the final hours of 2007.

Lastly, I'm apparently coordinating a Movie Night on the 28th at the Edwards Cinema. Koinonia or not, if you've got some time to decompress after Christmas, feel free to join us at the Skewers Restaurant on Richmond & Weslayan at about 7ish. Grab a bite, pick a movie, and go as a group (or a sub-group). I'm thinking Charlie Wilson's War for myself.



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